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Edgenet’s product experience management platform combines product content management, digital asset management, and GDSN®, so you can deliver superpowered product experiences to customers.

We want you to take control of your brand and build rock solid partnerships with your recipients. With this singular solution, you’ll be able to share accurate product content tailored to their specific and changing needs.


Send your content to retailers in record time, so they can get products on the shelves and online fast. They’ll minimize returns, and you’ll maximize revenue.

The Edgenet platform helps you increase your speed-to-market by:
  • Minimizing item setup time
  • Providing real-time feedback and validations from your retailers
  • Organizing content with our built-in taxonomy
  • Transforming digital assets to meet retailer requirements
  • Automating the distribution of all content and content changes
Product Content Management

Enter your content in any format, and Edgenet will score it and distribute it to your retailers according to their specifications.


  • Data collection
  • Data quality
  • Distribution

Reduce inefficiencies and avoid costly fines by automatically distributing GDSN®-compliant content to your retailer network.

  • Recipient-specific views
  • Packaging hierarchy
  • User group representation
  • Distribution
Digital Asset Management

Import digital assets – such as videos, images, and barcodes – in any format and automatically distribute them in your retailers’ preferred formats.


  • Storage
  • Bulk transformation
  • 360º images Distribution
Automotive Aftermarket

Create, catalog and send ACES® and PIES® files to all your receivers right from the platform – no need to download and submit multiple forms anymore.


  • ACES® creation
  • PIES® creation
  • Qualifier Database (Qdb) compliance
  • Distribution

Customizable Content – Design a customized eCatalog for a select group of items or your entire catalog, all with just a few clicks.

In-app Distribution – Once created, send your custom eCatalog link to as many recipients as you wish, directly from Edgenet.

Unlimited Access – Users can create an unlimited number of eCatalogs, guaranteeing your ability to share the product content your recipients need, for the products that matter the most.


Edgenet has you covered. We’re the #2 GDSN® provider in the world and a member of GS1®, so we’re always up to date on new releases. Our platform automatically distributes compliant content according to recipient-specific requirements, so you don’t have to waste time going back and forth between multiple systems to manage GDSN® data.

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In the automotive aftermarket, ACES® and PIES® are the name of the game. Our one-touch import allows you to create native ACES® and PIES® files from the Vehicle Configuration Database (VCdb) and automatically distribute them via the platform.

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PXM goes beyond traditional PIM and PCM systems, automating business-critical content into consistent product experiences across every platform in your network. Designed for tomorrow, the Edgenet PXM is fully equipped to score content, transform assets and automate delivery, cutting through manual work so our customers can focus on the future.

PXM provides one solution for product content, GDSN®, automotive aftermarket standards and advanced digital asset management. Edgenet is the only one on the market to offer everything you need in one place – the world’s most complete PXM.