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The simple, all-inclusive product content platform

Take the guesswork out of product content and experience the benefits of merchandising at scale.

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The only product content platform that allows you to manage all your information in one place

Taking control of your product content is easy with a single solution for the complex process of collecting, managing and sharing all your product content.

Marketing Content

Global marketing attributes are collected on every product you sell, which provides quality data to customers, helping them to make buying decisions.

Logistics Data

GDSN logistics data is critical to your success, and Edgenet is the only platform to cover all requirements and facilitate between retailer and supplier.

Private Data

Our Private Data channels within the Edgenet network allow you to securely manage and send internal or sensitive data.

The one-stop shop for all of your product content

From import to distribution, the Edgenet platform provides the tools to help your business increase sales, decrease returns, and improve time to market, as well as other efficiencies.

Simplified import

Eliminate manual data entry through multiple import options or through our smart spreadsheet tool

Pre-built taxonomy

Increase discoverability by leveraging our industry-embedded taxonomy that ensures you're collecting the right information

Custom product sets

Easily manage products across recipients, seasons, and categories with the ability to create custom product groups

Robust attribute variants

Out-of-the-box attributes, in addition to language variants, that help enable better buying decisions

Asset management

With unlimited storage, you can manage, transform, and distribute your assets across all recipients with ease

Data Quality

Extend brand control with high-quality content through Edgenet data scoring and validations

Retailer templates

Automate distribution of your product content customized to your recipients’ specific requirements

Direct integrations

Create efficiencies across multiple systems, portals, and email, and receive real-time feedback

Administrative controls

Control your brand with oversight on what data is sent to your different recipients

Leverage our growing retailer network

By partnering with top distribution channels, Edgenet provides the framework to help your business grow and easily merchandise products at scale.

We take your success seriously

Our award-winning customer success team will work with you, serving as an extension of your team to surpass goals, hit deadlines, and grow your business. Our on-site user sessions, Edgenet Academy, provide best practices and help you improve your product content workflow.

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