Supporting retailers in a competitive marketplace

Edgenet sets you up for success in the eCommerce and traditional retail marketplaces. Our product experience management platform combines product content management, digital asset management, and GDSN® so you get the content you need from your suppliers, exactly how and where you want it.

With accurate, up-to-date product content, you’ll be able to work more efficiently and stay ahead of your competitors. Plus, Edgenet works with more than 10,000 brands, so we can help you get the most out of your supplier network.

Amped Up Customer Experiences

Streamline product content sharing with your suppliers and spend your time on more important things – like your customer experience.

Customers expect to be able to search, select, and purchase products without interruption. Personalized shopping has become the norm, and customers need to see products online and on store shelves that make sense for them.

Edgenet empowers you to provide this experience by enabling your suppliers to set up items quickly and share accurate content in the format you desire. Stop spinning your wheels over scattered content. Instead, focus your efforts on keeping customers coming back for more.

Engage shoppers with enhanced content on Product Detail Pages
The Edgenet Platform
Product Search

Expand your product catalog by searching and requesting content for all available products.

Retailer Dashboards

Gain clear visibility into the item setup lifecycle for each of your suppliers and determine their levels of compliance.

Workflow Management

Incorporate manual interactions, and automated tasks and validations to create a clear flow of information, and minimize errors and resource loads.


View your suppliers’ content via Edgenet’s best-in-class taxonomy, which includes nearly 25,000 product categories and more than 350,000 product attributes. Easily search and compare products across brands.

Data Quality Engine

Receive accurate content that has been scored in real time and aligns with your specific requirements.

The right
content. Fast.

Edgenet automates the distribution of GDSN®-compliant content from your suppliers according to your specific requirements. And we’re the #2 GDSN® provider in the world, so you can have confidence that the content you receive is aligned with the latest releases.

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With a one-touch import, Edgenet enables automotive aftermarket suppliers to send ACES® and PIES® files to their receivers. It will be all ready for you to use.

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PXM goes beyond traditional PIM and PCM systems, automating business-critical content into consistent product experiences across every platform in your network. Designed for tomorrow, the Edgenet PXM is fully equipped to score content, transform assets and automate delivery, cutting through manual work so our customers can focus on the future.

PXM provides one solution for product content, GDSN®, automotive aftermarket standards and advanced digital asset management. Edgenet is the only one on the market to offer everything you need in one place – the world’s most complete PXM.