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Take control of your product content in one platform

Edgenet is where teams manage all of their suppliers' product content from a single data source.

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The only platform that allows you to manage all of your product content in one place

One portal for your vendors to load, manage, and send any type of product content straight to you, in your preferred format.

Marketing Data

Global marketing attributes are collected on every product you sell, which provides quality data to customers, helping them make buying decisions.

Logistics Data

GDSN logistics content is critical to your success, and Edgenet is the only platform to cover all requirements and facilitate between retailer and supplier.

Private Data

Invisible to the greater Edgenet network, private data includes internal identifiers (SKU or Vendor ID), as well as custom attributes for internal use.

Improve your speed to market without sacrificing quality

Replace the manual and error-prone barriers in your management process with our organized and intuitive platform, building loyalty across the buying journey.

“We wanted to make sure we were providing consumers with the best product information, the most efficient way possible. That’s why we chose Edgenet.”

Dan Williams, CEO

The one-stop shop for all of your product content

With over 8,000 brands onboarded, we've developed the simplest and most effective way to collect, clean and manage product content for retailers.

Vendor onboarding

We collect, clean, and manage product content from vendors to retailers in the simplest, most efficient way possible

Data Quality

Unparalleled product content quality with integrated validations that constantly perform thousands of quality checks

Two-way feedback

Send and receive messages with your suppliers in the platform to improve product content quality and increase collaboration

Custom Workflows

Leverage one of our pre-built workflows, or create your own workflow to guide your suppliers throughout the setup process

Pre-built Taxonomy

Increase discoverability by utilizing our industry-embedded taxonomy that ensures you're collecting the right product information

Supplier marketplace

View and subscribe products within the Edgenet marketplace to grow your product offering and increase speed to market

Vendor onboarding done right

With over 8,000 brands onboarded into Edgenet's platform, we've developed the simplest, most effective (and fun) way to setup your vendors for success.

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See how Edgenet can help you grow your business

Our award-winning customer success team will work with you, serving as an extension of your team to surpass goals, hit deadlines, and grow your business.