Edgenet Product Content News – November 2016 Update

In this edition of Edgenet Product Content News:

New Supplier Portal release 5.6.1

The Supplier Portal now has the ability to support multi-value and conditional attributes and complex values for Core Product or Recipient attributes. The new attribute and value types can be used in combination, in cases such as Restrictions, or independently.

New custom export tool made just for suppliers Edgenet Connect.

Easy to use interface with multiple ways to upload and export data.

Why suppliers are switching to Edgenet GDSN

Suppliers are figuring out that Edgenet can handle their GDSN needs, Managing all data in One Solution (both Marketing and GDSN)

Google and Edgenet partnership announcement and launch of Edgenet Products To Google (P2G)

Because Edgenet is a leading Software-as-a-Service company that enables companies to better manage product data, and because it already manages one of the largest caches of product data in the world, it is perfectly situated to help global manufacturers make the most of Manufacturer Center. Therefore, it has created a new product to facilitate this. Called Products to Google (P2G), Edgenet’s new product enables manufacturers to automatically send rich product data to Manufacturer Center.

Support tips and tricks for smart spreadsheets

At Edgenet, we’ve designed our spreadsheets to be helpful and concise to assist our customers in the data entry process.We have listed some of the most common mistakes to avoid while uploading smart spreadsheets.

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