Edgenet’s New Product Experience Management Platform Attracting Record Numbers of New Users in Hardline Industry

Edgenet partners with hundreds of retailers and suppliers to supercharge eCommerce and in-store sales.

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 26, 2018 – Enterprise software company Edgenet today announced that an average of 30 new users a month in the hardline industry – retailers, distributors, etailers, manufacturers and other partners – are signing on to its cloud-based product experience management platform since it rolled out a new version in early August.

More than 350 partners in the hardline industry now receive product data from the 10,000+ brands that use Edgenet PXM. As the client base grows, the software becomes an even more valuable sales tool because suppliers have access to a rapidly expanding collection of hardware retailers, including many of the largest in the business.

“What we offer is a chance to plug in your hardline business to our growing network of retail partners,” said Edgenet CEO Steve Proctor. “We level the playing field so mom-and-pop suppliers have access to the same retailers as the big manufacturers.”

Edgenet’s affiliates range from smaller local retailers to international giants like Amazon, Google, Best Buy and Lowe’s. Suppliers also benefit from access to business-boosting products from Edgenet’s marketing and technology partners, including Bazaarvoice, Content26, FindWAtt, Profitero and Snap36. Among hardline suppliers using Edgenet PXM are Kohler, Bosch and Stanley Black & Decker. For more information about Edgenet’s retailers and partners, visit edgenet.com/network.

“This year, the Swanson Tool Co. team launched an aggressive eCommerce strategy, knowing we needed to partner with a proven channel partner to achieve our goals. With Edgenet’s network, and their terrific support team, we now have the ability to launch curated product assortments to more customers, in more verticals, than we had forecasted for the next 24 months,” said Kirsten Carlson, director of key accounts, Swanson Tool Company. “With our Edgenet partnership, we can introduce new products to market faster, saving both time and human resources. We are excited about the short and long term successes this partnership brings our team.”

A primary advantage of Edgenet PXM is that it is the only platform in the world that allows suppliers to easily store a product’s marketing and GDSN® data in one place, then quickly deliver it to retailers in a format tailored to their unique needs.

The completely revised new platform launched in August incorporates many new features that are based on client feedback, including a new, easy to grasp user interface. Other new features include:

● Automated transformation of photos and other digital assets to any recipient.
● Automated distribution of content files to anyone in you network.
● Data quality scoring specific to recipient requirements – a feature unique to Edgenet.
● Easy creation and clear visualization of packaging hierarchies.
● Ability to create custom eCatalogs for print and digital distribution.
● And more.

“Customer proximity is a core value of Edgenet, and being close to the customer allowed us to create a product experience management platform for the hardline industry unlike any other. With Edgenet PXM, it has never been easier for both suppliers and retailers to manage product content, which makes it easier for customers to find and purchase exactly what they are looking for, either in-store or online. Our rapid customer acquisition rate since the rollout is proof that Edgenet PXM is game-changing for the hardline industry,” Proctor said.


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