Create winning brand experiences with Google

Increase conversions and improve performance with our direct integration with Google Manufacturer Center.

How does it work?

Increase conversions with Google Shopping

Edgenet ensures that your product content is rich, up-to-date, and accurate on Google, so you know that customers are receiving the best brand experience.

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Drive your business forward
with Edgenet + Google

Google understands that the best, most complete product data wins. Be confident you have compelling product descriptions, feature lists, accurate specifications, image assets, and all you need to stand out to consumers and drive immediate buying decisions.

Single source of truth

Save valuable time and gain brand control by managing all your product content and digital assets in one platform.

Increased conversions

Early adopters of our Google integration are experiencing a 13% increase in online conversions.

Extended analytics history

Edgenet provides robust historical analytics so you can see how your products are performing across Google Shopping.

Success Story

Shopping campaigns have helped all kinds of retailers reach the shoppers who are searching for what they’re selling.

Learn how Bosch leveraged Manufacturer Center to reach more shoppers with accurate product information 

Sending rich content from Edgenet to Google is as easy as 1, 2, 3:


Set up your Google Manufacturer Center account

Your dedicated Onboarding Specialist will generate a custom URL and help you through the full setup process, from start to finish.

Enrich your product content in Edgenet

Utilize our proprietary data quality engine, which ensures your product content is complete, correct, and high-quality.

Seamlessly push your content to Google

Simply enable the integration between Edgenet and Google, and your content will be live and ready for customers.
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Get started with Edgenet + Google

Are you ready to finally manage all of your product content in one place?

Get started with our direct integration to the Google Manufacturer Center:


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