Forget Everything You’ve Been Told About GDSN

Whether you’re a seasoned GDSN pro or you’re just getting started, it’s time to re-think your data pool.

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A Single Source of Truth

Most retailers require GDSN-standard logistics data from their suppliers, which comes with very strict standardization rules and regulations.
As if that weren’t enough, logistics content itself is complicated. That’s why data pools–like Edgenet–are here to help you load, manage, and send that product content to your preferred endpoints. Not only do we manage your product content in an expedient way, we also pride ourselves on providing responsive, knowledgeable customer support.
While most retailers require GDSN and you are able to use any GDSN data pool you prefer, not all GDSN data is created equal. Edgenet provides the most robust taxonomy out there, with 120+ GDSN publish validations, custom-created templates, and multiple formats for distribution (Excel, CSV, JSON, XML) via email or FTP.
Edgenet also takes their product content offering a step further by integrating with retailers like Lowe’s and AutoZone to make the product content management process more direct than ever before.
With Edgenet, you can always be sure your product content will be complete and accurate, and the process won’t be a headache.

The Only GDSN Path to Lowe's

But, what do we really mean when we say “integrated”? It’s true that you can use any certified data pool to send your GDSN product content to most any retailer, but our connection with retailers goes beyond a direct connection.
Take our integrated relationship with Lowe’s, for example.
They chose Edgenet as their preferred GDSN  data pool. Through this partnership, we have fostered a strong connection with Lowe’s and their vendors.  We took the time to onboard and train each of their hundreds of vendors in how to load their product content into the Edgenet platform, where it is scored and validated for accuracy in real time, and sent directly to Lowe’s. This has cut their time spent on redundant data entry and increased their speed to market.
GDSN logistics
This integrated relationship is miles ahead of any other certified data pool that sends data to Lowe’s. Any product content that goes to them must go through the Edgenet system. If your company is using another system, you’re ultimately paying extra for something that has already been so graciously sponsored by Lowe’s.
Other data pools have identified themselves as a single source of truth for sending product content to Lowe’s but make no mistake, Edgenet is the only data pool with an exclusive relationship to validate and send product content to Lowe’s.
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