Edgenet Launches Edgenet Connect

Edgenet Launches Edgenet Connect, a Game-Changing Tool for Product Suppliers

Arriving in beta Jan. 31, Edgenet Connect customizes and sends product data to multiple recipients from single interface


NASHVILLE, Tenn., Jan. 31, 2017 – Edgenet today launched the beta version of Edgenet Connect, a time-saving software tool that allows suppliers to send customized product data to numerous recipients simultaneously in real time.


Retailers, etailers, and other distributors require regularly updated data from their product suppliers, but each of these recipients has a unique set of formatting and taxonomy requirements. For suppliers, the process of manually exporting their product information to fit these requirements can be numbingly repetitive and inordinately time-consuming.


Edgenet Connect eliminates this work by allowing suppliers to choose what form their product information should take and where it should go. Once suppliers set up their preferences, Edgenet Connect automatically exports the data in their preferred format and synchronizes the designated datasets on an ongoing basis with the frequency the receiver prefers.


“We saw the need for a simplified solution that gives suppliers control over how they distribute product information, while giving retailers the high-quality data they need,” said Edgenet CEO Steve Proctor. “Edgenet Connect will save suppliers countless hours of time by eliminating the need to manually export data for multiple retailers each week.”


The key to Edgenet Connect is that it uses high-quality, structured product data that already exists in Edgenet’s Product Content Cloud. The Product Content Cloud (PCc) standardizes, stores and syndicates product data across digital channels, assuring it is consistent and continuously up to date. Edgenet uses a proprietary data scoring system that provides instant feedback to suppliers on the quality of the data they enter, including syntax, grammar and uploaded images.


“Our experience working with retailers has given us the knowledge to build a product that addresses the specific needs of suppliers,” Proctor said. “We’re excited for suppliers to see how Edgenet’s premier data ecosystem works hand-in-hand with Edgenet Connect.”


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