Get Your Assets Together: Calming the Chaos of Digital Asset Management for Brands

The sky is blue. Anchovies are not for everyone. Everyone shops on their phone.

Some things are simple, unassailable truths. For brands, here is one you likely know, or will soon – your digital assets must be woven perfectly into your product content management system to meet the demand of today’s shoppers.

You already well understand that the eCommerce climate of today demands lots of high quality, enticing photos, videos, and other digital assets. You already fully understand because this is how you shop. We won’t waste your time with heady statistics to support what is a no-brainer – though there are plenty. (Ok fine, we will add them at the end of this post).

You already know the necessity of digital assets to win with product content in the modern world. It is already your way of life, your kids’ way of life, and virtually everyone’s way of discovering, deciding, and making buying decisions. You are doing your best to gather, input, and syndicate your brand product content, but you likely are struggling to get the correct images and assets together from your marketing and product teams. You often find yourself constantly wrestling with how to deliver digital assets cleanly and efficiently to retailers and endpoints, in the way(s) they need them.

From sales reps taking assets and customizing them, and storing their Frankenstein’d creations on their laptops (ugh!), to printed material left in folders somewhere, you are always on the hunt. You may have an ERP or other internal system storing files so well that you cannot get to them. You are constantly searching for files you need, and never totally confident in what you have to syndicate. Even when you do find them, how do you know they are current and accurate? You waste a lot of time, but worse, your customers suffer. Your brand loses sales and loyalty. You may even already have a standalone Digital Asset Management System (DAM), but it does not meet your need to syndicate your content. So what gives?

You want to take on more business and endpoints, but you are unable to scale your digital asset management along with your product content. Inaccurate and elusive digital assets are preventable and solvable. You don’t want to rely on bulky information systems solutions to manage your digital assets. A DAM solution built for eCommerce with your product content management system is the Edgenet answer. i.e. The sky is blue, and anchovies are weird.

The Edgenet Digital Asset Management (DAM) feature enables the proper use of your digital assets by leveraging the content that’s already in the Edgenet platform to link directly to associated product sets. With Edgenet DAM, you can upload, store, view, link, and distribute digital assets, including images, videos, and documents. For automated endpoints – assets are made ready within your Edgenet platform templates that are specific to each of your sales channel endpoints.

Imagine: You will know where your digital assets are. You will know if they are correct. You will be confident in your content delivery to endpoints, and your customers will share that confidence at the point of purchase.

One solution for your product content!

Key Features of Edgenet Digital Asset Management

  • Single platform to manage and publish your product content and digital assets
  • Upload and store unlimited digital assets (videos, pdfs, jpeg, png, gifs and more)
  • Link digital assets to products
  • Asset transformation to specification for integrated and automated recipients
  • Review digital asset details
  • Programmatic validation
  • Organize your assets into collections and sub-collections

Learn more about managing digital assets with the Edgenet platform.

Mind-blowing stats, as promised:

Over 5 years, Digital Asset Management can save a company nearly $189,000.

For every dollar invested in DAM, the return is between $8 and $14!

Businesses with well-managed, consistent brands are worth up to 20% more than those that aren’t.

About $10,000 a year is wasted on mismanaging digital assets.

Employees without DAM spend 5x longer looking for assets.

Intelligence Bank

A business with just 30 employees can save $6,000 a year with DAM.


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