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From cast iron and steel to e-commerce

Learn how the Kohler team ended their days of loading identical products into different export formats for their many data recipients, streamlined management processes and reduced resource allocation for their product content.


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Kohler, Wisconsin


Content Syndication


Kohler is a global manufacturing company with thousands of employees, with only two people managing the entirety of the brand’s product content for syndication purposes, tasked with entering data in multiple spreadsheets for thousands of items and then sending it to more than 25 different retailers.

Before using the Edgenet platform, importing and exporting product content for one product for seven different retailers could take anywhere from 1 to 3 days.

Kohler’s two resident product content champions, Ryan Wilson (Communications Leader) and Amy Vang (Data Collection) led the charge within the Kohler organization to fight for streamlining their product content management process.


Content syndication: Powered by the Edgenet platform, Edgenet Connect aims to streamline product content spreadsheet completion with a template-based solution and delivery scheduling—saving Kohler time and resources while improving product speed to market.

Single source of truth: The Edgenet platform created several noteworthy efficiencies for the Kohler product content team, including the reduction of repetitive work, utilizing the platform as a single solution to manage their content and sustain the product attribute specifications of their numerous retailers.

Ryan noted that Edgenet Connect was an easy sell because it directly helped minimize the hours of manual spreadsheet-based work that had to be repeated regularly to satisfy their retailers and other sales endpoints.


The Edgenet platform ended the Kohler team’s days of loading identical products into different export formats for their many data recipients.

Kohler’s management processes have been streamlined, cutting resource allocation for their product content. Plus, the Edgenet platform eliminated FTP site usage and spreadsheet template confusion.

Ryan and Amy both noted the significant reduction of hours spent managing product content. They can now do everything they need to— uploading, treating, and exporting product content—within the Edgenet platform.

Instead of doing something four times for four different etailers, we can do it once to satisfy those same four etailers. The initial loading of data is a one-time shot. Edgenet has saved us hours of work.

Ryan WilsonCommunications Leader • Kohler Co.