US Stove Turns Up the Heat on Product Content

If we say “tech superstars,” do you think of a West-Coast, venture-backed company led by 20- and 30-somethings in hoodies? The press might give you that idea – but at Edgenet, we know tech superstars come in all shapes and sizes – even 150-year-old hard goods manufacturers headquartered in South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

Transitioning a manufacturing company from solely managing truckload shipments to retail partners to an integrated business model that supports both traditional retail channels and ecommerce and drop-shipping is a big endeavor.

US Stove built and executed their ecommerce strategy over the past 3 years, and today they are proud of their industry-leading year-over-year ecommerce growth.

“Our products are heavy — some stoves weigh 800 pounds! So you might not think about a company like ours when you think about ecommerce. But we do sell a lot of smaller products online, because the shipping is easier to manage on smaller products,” says US Stove Senior Director of Ecommerce Lindsey Huffhines. “While we still sell a lot of stoves in physical stores, we do also drop-ship those big stoves.”

One of the keys to ecommerce success? Using Edgenet to standardize and distribute all their product content.

“Having Edgenet allows us to share our information effectively so customers have what they need to make a buying decision,” Huffhines says.

Despite their success, the US Stove team isn’t resting on their laurels. They’re charging ahead into their 150th-anniversary year with even bigger plans. Those plans include a new website – powered by the Edgenet API.

“That means all our product content is in one place, and it’s easy to share it in every channel from Edgenet,” Huffhines says.

With their ecommerce growth, US Stove has also begun planning to create more product content, especially improved images, video, and other multimedia.

“Having great content really makes a difference in ecommerce. It’s not a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have in today’s world,” Huffhines says.

Read the full story on how US Stove uses Edgenet’s PXM Platform to supercharge its ecommerce presence.


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