Welcome, Best Buy Vendor Partners!

You now have a better way to manage and publish your item data in the GDSN®.

The GDSN® (Global Data Synchronization Network) controls how products are distributed, organized, and displayed, making it a requirement to do business with most retailers today.

By choosing Edgenet as a GDSN® provider, Best Buy is making GDSN® simpler and faster for you!

About this GDSN® data collection program

GDSN publications support the accuracy and integrity of item data we collect for your products, ultimately benefiting the customer experience.

As part of improving our GDS program, we are partnering with Edgenet as our new data pool provider.  Our decision to switch to Edgenet is driven by our focus to better serve our customers and strengthen our vendor relationships.

Get Started with GDS

GDSN Contacts:

Best Buy GDS Support                                Edgenet Customer Support
GDS@BestBuy.com                                     gdsnsupport@edgenet.com

Master your product content with our team at Edgenet Academy in Nashville.

How does this data collection program work?


Get a company prefix from GS1

GS1 US will issue you an authorized company prefix of several digits, dependent on company size. Obtaining this number gives you access to the GS1 US Data Hub Product to help you create and manage barcodes and product identifiers.

Get a GDSN® provider

To publish product content through the GDSN®, you will need to partner with a GDSN®-certified data pool. Edgenet is Best Buy's preferred data pool.

Publish your GDSN® items to Best Buy

After registering your items in the Global Registry in the through your GDSN®-certified data pool, you will be able to publish your Best Buy items to the GDSN®.

Contact me about the Best Buy GDSN® data collection program

Fill out the form below and the Edgenet team will be in touch to help you get started with the Best Buy GDSN® Data Collection Program.

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Why Edgenet?

Access from Anywhere
It’s in the cloud! Make your internal workflows so much easier with unlimited users and custom permissions. No more siloed information!
Flexible Upload Options
The Edgenet platform allows you the flexibility to load data directly into the application, thorough smart spreadsheets, or import feeds from your system to ours.
Training & Support
Let us help you get the most from your product content. Edgenet offers self-paced learning, hosted training webinars, and in-person workshops.
Your Centralized Repository
Simplify the management and maintenance of your data with one single location for all of your product content.
Enhanced Data Quality
Our integrated Data Quality Engine performs thousands of validations to ensure both completeness and accuracy of your data.
Digital Asset Management
Take control of your product images, detailed shots, lifestyle images, videos, spec sheets, PDFs, planograms, and more. Whatever the format or size, our robust digital asset transformation tools are a game changer.

The impact Edgenet has had on my job has been quite substantial. I would highly recommend Edgenet to other teams looking to enhance their processes.

Rebecca MechanicElectrolux Major Appliances

This is awesome…all the work is putting the data in, and once you have that, being able to just pick and choose what you want makes it so easy. I think it's great!

Matthew HoltwickEnerco

Edgenet has streamlined the new item set up process and item maintenance immensely. As an example, I learned about an error on about 100 of our products. By using Edgenet, I was able to correct everything in a little over an hour as opposed to days.

Penny SiddenGE Appliances


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