Edgenet connects suppliers and receivers –
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We work with auto parts retailers and suppliers to get the right parts in the right cars and stay ahead of the changing marketplace.

Let our system do the work for you so you can get days back of your time.


With Edgenet, automotive aftermarket suppliers can send applications and product information together. Simultaneously. To anywhere. In any format. At any scheduled time.

Create and send your product details and ACES information all in one system.
Intuitive design allows users the ability to create and view fitments without toggling between multiple screens.
Distribute your ACES files by product or product lists.
Always up-to-date
Continuous validations on your ACES information against the newest VCdb.
Fully automated
Set delivery dates to distribute to all your data receivers automatically.
Unlimited DAM
All the storage you need, with retailer-specific transformations to file type, dimensions, naming, and more.

Our experience means your experience will be awesome

We have spent the last 12 years creating the most robust platform in existence to tackle growing product content challenges. You’ll have the tools to get the job done. And the Edgenet team will be your on-call experts. We know this business and we’re committed to your success.


Our network makes your network enormous

We work with hundreds of retailers and more than 10,000 brands, so you realize an unmatched network effect. Explore our connections and easily send content to everyone in your network.


Our training gives you product content superpowers

We’re with you beyond onboarding with unlimited customer training to ensure you have total command of the platform and your workflows.

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Edgenet PXM features

The most complete solution in the automotive aftermarket

Import of existing ACES and PIES files easily, and create ACES and PIES files without ever leaving the platform.


Instantly scan the Qdb for existing fitment notes using predictive text, or submit unique freehand notes.


Get real-time, continuous validations against VCdb, PCdb, and Qdb on import and throughout creation.


Schedule custom files to deliver exactly to receiver preferences.

Amazon made easy for the automotive aftermarket

Distribute fitment and marketing content together

With Edgenet, you can distribute fitment and product content from the same platform, simplifying the process so you can set up all your items in Amazon – fast and easy.

We take the manual work out of getting your content to any receiver.

Now, you can automate business-critical content into consistent product experiences across your network, making Amazon easy.

Import, create, and distribute ACES and PIES to Amazon – all powered by the same platform designed to keep you a step ahead.

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We’ve spent years talking with aftermarket suppliers to understand some of the biggest hurdles in automotive data.  You can probably identify with one or more of these scenarios:

Data distribution is tedious and time consuming

Up to 50 files need to be created every month and sent to various receivers. In many cases the contact that needs the PIES file is different than the contact that needs the ACES file for the same receiver. It takes 2-3 days every month just to create these files and send them to all the correct contacts. Edgenet handles all of this for you, in fact our application can automate not only the file creation, but the distribution as well, so that you never have to touch another ACES file.

It’s always something…

After sending all the monthly files to receivers, there may be issues with the data that was sent. Often times, validations are done only at the start of the file, but not at the end before sending. This can create errors from the receiver that have to not only be investigated, but resolved with more files being created and being resent. Edgenet validates files before, during and after ensuring that all files meet receiver requirements.

Fitment notes are inconsistent

You need to add fitment notes, which can be inconsistent – almost like typing notes into a spreadsheet and realizing (at the end) that you either misspelled or did not use terms consistently. After you resolve those errors, you then need to match your notes against what already exists in the Qdb. Edgenet allows you to validate against the Qdb when entering notes – not after you have already completed them, saving you time by showing you notes that already exist and ensuring any new notes are standardized.

“Relevant and up-to-date product content is the foundation you have to have to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

If you can’t keep up with consumer data demands while building upon a strong system foundation in all aspects of your business, you’ll be left behind.

The greatest impact from the Edgenet partnership is the increase in our capability to effectively and efficiently deliver data to our various data receivers and publishers. Edgenet helped us leap forward in this area.”

Gary Healion
Director of IT, CRP Industries

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