The only platform to combine product content management and GDSN®.


Take control of your brand with accurate, consolidated content delivered to your retailers — lightning fast.


Receive product content how you want it, so you can amp up your customer experiences and remain competitive.

Edgenet is now part of the Syndigo family.



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Syndigo Overview
Product Content Management
Product Content Management
Convenient Entry

Collects data in any format via a one-touch import or built-in taxonomy

Recipient-Specific Corrections

Continuously scores content based on recipient requirements and provides suggested changes

Automated Delivery

Distributes product content and search keywords to increase findability on Google

Recipient-Specific Views

Provides custom views and specific requirement sets based on recipient preferences

Packaging Hierarchy

Includes packaging levels for all products within the GDSN® interface

Automated Delivery

Distributes GDSN®-compliant content to recipients

Digital Asset Management
Digital Asset Management
Unlimited Storage

Collects assets in any file format

360° Imaging

Stores and distributes 360 degree images of all products

Bulk Transformation

Adjusts file format and specifications using rules-based transformation

Automated Delivery

Distributes digital assets with correct file types, dimensions, naming conventions, etc.

Automotive Aftermarket
Automotive Aftermarket
ACES® | PIES® Creation

Enables ACES® and PIES® files import or creation within the platform

Qualifier Database (Qdb) Compliance

Allows users to scan the Qdb for existing fitment notes using predictive text or to submit unique freehand notes

Real-time Validation

Continuously validates files against the VCdb, PCdb, and Qdb on import and throughout creation

Automated Delivery

Schedules custom files to be delivered according to receiver preferences


Customizable Content – Design a customized eCatalog for a select group of items or your entire catalog, all with just a few clicks.

In-app Distribution – Once created, send your custom eCatalog link to as many recipients as you wish, directly from Edgenet.

Unlimited Access – Users can create an unlimited number of eCatalogs, guaranteeing your ability to share the product content your recipients need, for the products that matter the most.

“Having Edgenet allows us to share our information effectively so customers have what they need to make a buying decision.”

Lindsey Huffhines
Senior Director of Ecommerce

“Instead of doing something four times for four different etailers, we can do it once. Edgenet has saved us hours of work.”

Ryan Wilson
Communications Leader
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